Dan Mokrzycki is the new voice needed for Ward 9 in Windsor, Ontario. With the rise in crime in our ward, and the safety of using walking trails, parks, play equipment, and even public parking lots in the area in jeopardy, there needs to be a change in leadership. I can be the voice people need. I can be the leader the people of Ward 9 need.

I am a father of 3, have been married for over 10 years and have lived in Windsor, Ontario, my whole life. I have moved to and lived in Ward 9 since 1998.

I have worked as a Program Manager in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry for over 7 years. Previously, I have worked in the Automotive sector in various other positions, so I know much about how the Automotive industry is the heart and soul of Windsor. Before moving into the Automotive industry, I was a Swing Manager at McDonald's. I have worked at McDonald's for over 5 years, being a manager for over 3 years. So leadership skills are aplenty with me.

With your support, I will make sure your voice is heard, all of your concerns are brought to council, and Ward 9 gains a strong voice again.


Topics to Fight For


School Bus & Children


Working with the School Boards and their respective Trustees in Windsor to ensure our children are getting the education that is required by Ontario and ensure the safety of our children in the schools

Woman & Doctor

Health Care

Working with the Mayor to ensure Windsor's Health Care is where it needs to be to our resident's standards. Unfortunately, Windsor was reported as having the most extended wait times in all of Ontario. This is unacceptable, and I will work with City Council to ensure this is changed. The main push would be to encourage our province to begin moving forward with a new hospital for our city.

Lake View

The Environment

Ward 9 is home to many parks and trails for families to enjoy. However, lately, bringing my children to parks, I have noticed an increasing amount of litter, drug paraphernalia, and users using the drug paraphernalia in plain view of children. This is unacceptable, and an increase in police presence in our ward would benefit all. Also, visiting these parks regularly, I have noticed that the grass has not been routinely mowed. As councilor, I will ensure this is one of the top concerns to prevent ticks from gathering and potentially spreading life-threatening diseases to the residents of Ward 9.


Fundamental Freedoms

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is one of the most critical documents in Canada’s history.
For the past two years, politicians in Windsor, Ontario, and Canada have forgotten that the rights and freedoms contained within this document are fundamental. I will work with all people of Ward 9 and Windsor to ensure everyone's fundamental rights are protected to the best of my abilities.



Windsor has a reputation for having some of the worst roads in Canada. This needs some change. E.C. Row and the main roads seem to be going through construction almost yearly, while the side streets and residential roads are often forgotten. As councillor, I will try my hardest to ensure that roads in Ward 9 are fixed when they need to be fixed and that roads don't develop potholes big enough to swallow an entire vehicle.
Ward 9 residents deserve to have somewhere to read books, use the internet, and have a quiet place to study and complete schoolwork. As there is no library in Ward 9, I propose having a library built or opened in our Ward so the residents of Ward 9 have somewhere to accomplish all of the above actions without traveling too far from home.

Pile of Coins

Economic Growth

Windsor has long been known for having one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. As Councillor, I will do everything in my power to change the course of these rates. Jobs are out there for the taking, and I will ensure the resources are there to help residents apply for these jobs.



Donations are accepted and encouraged. Your donation helps me spread my name out to more people, more residents, more businesses and more eyes. Your donation will help with flyers, brochures, lawn signs, campaign events, etc. Any Donations can be given via Cash GiveSendGo or E-Transfer. E-Transfer can be sent to Link to GiveSendGo is:

Any Donations over $25 will be provided with a receipt. Maximum donation for a single individual is $1,200.00.



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